One Strong Belief

One strong belief that I hold is that I believe that talent is being overlooked for what I like to call sheer tomfoolery.   I will not go into details regarding which artists I think are talented or not, but I say that I tend to believe that many people would agree with me on some of my choices.

I have had heated discussions with some family and friends about special treatment of so-called celebrities and their bad behavior.  A family member and I once discussed how it is that a certain someone can commit crimes, have a well-publicized trail, and get off the hook.  She argued that this person was crying out for help and that this may have been their only way to get it.  I argued that there are everyday people who commit minor offenses, which could be construed as a cry for help,and they end up getting a raw deal.

Another time there was a discussion on why are some of these people famous anyway.  What was their claim to fame?  A sex tape? Public intoxication/drug possession? Rich parents? The list went on.  They were not famous because they had invented something useful for the world or because they were a songbird.  They weren’t even athletes, actors, or politicians.  They were just some loud, obnoxious person with a great sense of entitlement that someone thought deserved some airtime.

I feel sorry for those young people (and not-so-young people) who have a special gift to share with the world but are somehow drowned out by all the ruckus created by fools.  Have we really come to a place in the world where sensationalism overshadows skill?  I surely hope not.




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