One Week To Live

So we began with 15 minutes to live and now I have been given an entire week.  This gives me a little more time to do some things, make a few changes, and have more vodka.  The task is to drop my “to do” list and make a “to stop” list.  I should only do things that make me come alive.  I should say, that if I knew for a fact that I only had 7 days to live there would be many things that I would stop doing immediately. So here we go with my “to stop” list:

To Stop List:

*Reporting for duty at that dreadful job

*Worrying about money and bills (I will be gone in a week…)

*Ignoring noisy neighbors and allowing them to continue with their  disrespectful  ways

*Payment for shelter (use that money for one last trip)

Bonus: How can my goals improve the present and not keep me in a perpetual “always something better” spiral?

*Finding a new job or doing what I am passionate about would definitely take me out of that spiral.  However, being able to do that leads into the second goal…

*Money and bills in this economy are two things that are a real concern.  In order to pursue my passion, I need money.  The bills will not just disappear, so I would have to figure out a way to have that money come from another source (sponsors, family, etc.) until I could get things afloat.

*Getting back at the noisy neighbors would feel great, but that would not be a solution.  There are other places to live and I suppose that would be something to consider.

*The amount of money spent on shelter is ridiculous.  So if I downsized, found a smaller place for less, and put some of that money away, it is possible that the aforementioned items would work themselves out…hmmm…


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