Speak Less

I once received a fortune cookie that read: “Speak less of your plans, you’ll get more done.” What’s one project that you’ve been sitting on and thinking about but haven’t made progress on? What’s stopping you? What would happen if you actually went for it and did it?  (Author: Laura Kimball)

LOL…my actual plans would require me to speak more.  I would like to be multilingual.  I really enjoy words and their etymology.  That is what got me thinking that I should study and learn several languages.  The quote from that fortune cookie was right, because I mentioned many times the past two summers that I was going to learn this language and then take on another.  I bought books, almost signed up for classes, went on and on about it.  Did it get done?  NO!  My friends who spoke some of the languages I’m interested in would call me and speak to me in that language.  I would laugh and tell them, “not yet, I haven’t quite got it down”  What a fool I’ve been making of myself.

What has stopped me is that I have been so stressed out by work and other things going on that I haven’t been able to sit and concentrate on it.  If I actually did follow my plans and learn these languages, I would then be more inspired to go visit these places.  I don’t want to be the tourist running around using the little translation books or some application on my smartphone to communicate with people.  I think it would be great to go someplace and be able to understand and engage with the people through language.


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