Call to Arms

What if today, right now, no jokes at all, you were actually in charge, the boss, the Head Honcho. Write the “call to arms” note you’re sending to everyone (staff, customers, suppliers, Board) charting the path ahead for the next 12 months and the next 5 years. Now take this manifesto, print it out somewhere you can see, preferably in big letters you can read from your chair.

You’ve just written your own job description. You know what you have to do. Go!

(bonus: send it to the CEO with the title “The things we absolutely have to get right – nothing else matters.”)   (Author: Sasha Dichter)


Today marks the end of an era, a kind of nightmare if you will.  But I am here to let you know that WE CAN ONLY GO UP FROM HERE!  Many of the things that they say about us are true.  They are true because the “data” says it.  Those of us in the trenches know better though.  Is there room for improvement? Certainly.  Will this be a rough road?  I’m sure that it will be.  Can we really do this? YES WE CAN!  I have total faith in all of you.  We know what the big picture is made from, so with those pieces we can actually change what that big picture looks like now and transform it into something incredible.  We will amaze the believers and quiet the non-believers.


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