Mess up your hair. If you are wearing makeup – smudge it. If you have a pair of pants that dont really fit you – put them on. Put on a top that doesn’t go with those pants. Go to your sock drawer. Pull out two socks that don’t match. Different lengths, materials, colors, elasticity.

Now two shoes. You know the drill.

Need to add more? Ties? Hair clips? Stick your gut out? I trust you to go further.

Take a picture.

Get ready to post it online.

Are you feeling dread? Excitement? Is this not the image you have of yourself? Write about the fear or the thrill that this raises in you? Who do you need to look good for and what story does it tell about you? Or why don’t you care?

(Author: Matthew Stillman)

I love this picture.  I would feel excited to post a crazy picture of myself.  I have done it before without hesitation.  I’m not really caught up in looks.  I am a natural girl.  Lipgloss and mascara most days, and sometimes nothing at all.  I wear my hair pulled back.  Jeans and t-shirts.  Sometimes I match and other times I don’t.  When I get dressed up, it’s because I want to do it.  I do it for myself.  On rare days, I will put on a dress and it feels good, so I then feel compelled to put a little more makeup on and some cute shoes. At this point in my life, I have done the high heels and tight, revealing dresses/outfits.  It’s all about comfort for me now.  I stick to the basics and that is comfortable to me.  I don’t really care what people think.  I believe they would have something to say either way, so I just don’t get caught up in it all.

Ironically, I have found that when I am “dressed up”, I get less attention from men.  Sounds strange, but it appears to be true.  If I am going to workout or going to the market/running errands and dress in the first thing I get my hands on, men seem to notice and begin to flirt.  Very strange because I would think that it would be the other way around.  I guess this is another reason I get “dolled up” for myself and not to catch the attention of the opposite sex.

I have some friends who would LOVE to give me a makeover…LOL.  I tell them don’t waste their time, the makeup will be wiped off and my hair will be pulled back in a matter of hours.  New clothes would be nice I guess, but I’m sure I would only save them for special occasions and continue to wear my tried and true items 🙂


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