Rocking Jurisprudence

What would you be by Ryan Allis

If a year from now you weren’t in the profession you’re currently in, what would you be in your wildest dreams?   (Author: Ryan Allis

In my wildest dreams I would be an internationally known rock star!  I can’t imagine that in a year from now that I would be a mother, so I would be free as a bird to tour the world, rock out, and meet many interesting people in the process.  That would be a dream come true as I love music, love to sing,  and love to entertain people.  I’m guessing I would be the lead singer.  If not, I would be a kick-ass drummer.

In my mildest dreams I would be a judge.  That would satisfy the nerd girl in me.  I have a passion for the law, justice, and equality.  The original plan was to become an attorney.  Life happens and law school got put on the back burner and has now become a big pile of ash.

Wait…this did say wildest dreams right??? Okay, then I’d be a judge by day, pounding my gavel creating harmony and order AND a rock star by night, pounding away on the drums instigating discord and disorder.


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