There was no prompt from #Trust30 today, so I am going to shoot from the hip on this one.  I will take you on a brief journey through last week and some surprising revelations that have left me mentally taxed.

This week has been very interesting, but also disturbing.  Have you ever had friends or family members do or say something that is just strange?  So strange that you are not able to process it immediately?  The things that were uncovered made me turn my ringer off and give my phone calling/texting/emailing a little R&R.  I just can’t take anymore confessions/revelations for the next 48-72 hours…PLEASE.

A couple of things came about that gave me closure and further understanding of some previous actions and/or words of people in my life.  What I wasn’t ready for was the information I would receive that would give me this closure and understanding.  I most definitely could have gone to my grave  without ever having to know the things I found out this week.

I think I’m really bothered by the way things were revealed more than anything.  In one instance, the information was told to me in such a matter-of-fact way.  In the middle of the conversation information was innocuously injected.  “Oh, I think I might have mentioned this to you, maybe not, but…” I was looking at my phone like what in thee hell!  Blew me away.  Actually explained some behavior this person had exhibited a couple of years ago.  I have to admit, that  I was disappointed because I expected so much more from this person.

The second incident was like a whirlwind.   I didn’t have time to react.  I actually thought it was a joke and responded in such a way that it made my friend even more forceful, giving explicit details.  Again, I was knocked off-balance.  I had to end the conversation because I was out with other friends and just didn’t know what to do with this bombshell.  I think this particular situation has the potential to ruin our friendship.  That makes me sad because this person is in my inner circle.  I need some recovery time.

These striking disclosures will make me do some deep thinking over the next week.  How is this going to effect the friendships in the future?  Do I appreciate their candor?  At the moment, I wish I could go back to a couple of weeks ago when all was well.  I wish I would have let those phone calls go to voicemail.


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