When Does It Become Rude?

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a long time now.  The subject is social networking/texting/emailing when in the presence of others.  Is there ever a time when it is acceptable to be on a date and continue with these activities?  How about at church?  Let’s say a funeral?  At the movies? While having sex?  This list could get quite long, but I am sure you get the picture.  At this point I am having to rearrange my pet peeves because the idea that it is acceptable to do this has probably moved into the number one spot for sure.

I was reading a friend’s blog and part of the discussion was about being out on a date and not paying attention to your actual date.  I was amazed at some of the responses.  Has it become a norm to ignore people who are in your company (wanting to spend time with you) to play with your cyber friends?  According to many of the responses, the answer would be yes.  I became engrossed in the responses because at first I thought some people were just joking, but then the discussion became heated and very real.  I have been that person on a date and the man just couldn’t put his phone down.  Lucky for him, he was good at working that thing and was able to get another date with someone else because that would be the only time he would do that to me.  I can’t fathom someone taking the time to ask you out on a date and then in between lame questions, checking his phone every five minutes.  If something was more pressing, by all means please cancel our date.  But again, from what I have seen and read this seems to be the norm.

I’ve noticed when I go to church or the movies, I see people texting away.  Really?  That text is more important than the reason you came to church?  I have to say that unfortunately I have even witnessed texting/social networking at a funeral.  Is nothing sacred?  In my friend’s blog someone even mentioned something about answering a text during sex.  Maybe I have lost touch with all reality.  Perhaps I am the one who has the problem.  Have we become so shallow that the need for personal intimate contact is no longer important or even required?  Our social outings have been kidnapped by gadgets that hold us captive with games, pictures, music, words, etc.  People are becoming socially inept.  Instead of speaking people babble because they are otherwise engaged with an electronic device.

I enjoy my gadgets like the next person.  But there is a time and a place for everything.  For me, spending time, in person, with friends is very important.  But it just seems silly and rude to have time set aside for an activity and end up spending most of it fooling around with social networks and the likes.  If you are not interested in the company that you are with, then do not hang out with them.  Is the human touch fading away?  Why do so many people not see this as a problem?  I’m sure this has to be an addiction and that there is a couch (therapy) in a nearby city in which people can go and talk it out.  And I do mean talk…not type!


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