No Thank You, I Don’t Want Any…

Don’t you hate it when you are having a great day and someone comes along with their drama?  It’s been a great day (actually a great weekend) and I’ve avoided as much bad news, mishaps, and drama as I could.  Until last night.  All I wanted were some things that belong to me returned and I got much more than that.  A mere phone call turned into a game of phone tag.  Which led me to send a text stating my business.  A very nice text that simply stated that I had asked for my belongings for about a month now and that I would appreciate their return.  Someone must have let the cuckoo out of the clock because the next thing I know, I received two texts telling me that I was mean.  Huh?  Mean?  Because I asked for MY stuff back?  I didn’t understand so I just left it alone.

This morning I woke up to a barrage of text messages telling me in great detail of all the reasons my belongs couldn’t be returned to me.  The only thing missing from the list was “my dog ate them”.  It was pathetic and I suddenly felt my body temperature rise.  I was also informed again that I was mean,  that I was “only thinking of myself and that wasn’t fair”…ho hum…This person’s drama revolves around them not taking care of business in the first place, so I’m not to blame for that.  There were no ill relatives, deaths, loss of job or anything major involved.  Sheer buffoonery.

I will have to revisit a post from this summer where I was talking about following my intuition. When I let this person borrow the items, something told me not to do it.  But surely I didn’t see this coming.  I’m tired of people taking my kindness for weakness.  I like to share my things when possible.   I really hate that this world seems to be filled (to capacity) with inconsiderate people who like to blame others for their misfortune and/or drag people into their mess.  Why am I being chastised for wanting my stuff back?  And for heaven’s sake, why are you sending me mass texts about your crappy situation.  ANSWER THE PHONE and talk to me…I’m so irritated.  I know you can’t reason with crazy, I’m probably going to have to take a loss on this one.  I will just say, no thank you.  I don’t want any of your crazy…have a great life and enjoy MY things…


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