Follow Through

When it comes to dating, I have listened to many of my male friends recently on the woes of dating and finding a suitable mate.  I must admit, men seek many of the things we women seek, but their dating style is more simple.  It’s all about fun and how she makes him feel.  Reminds me of sports.  Most men think sports are fun, they make them feel manly, and they love to win.  In some ways, seeking a mate is like playing a game/sport I suppose – you have opponents and the ultimate goal is to win.  I can see that and appreciate it as I like to consider myself a sports junkie.

However for my guy friends who are actively seeking that special someone, I believe they are forgetting one important element – the art of follow through.  I use this as most men fully understand follow through when it comes to sports.  In baseball, one cannot simply just throw the ball, you must continue that throwing motion until it is complete.  Batters can’t just hit the ball, they have to follow through with the bat if they intend to knock it out of the park. In basketball, releasing the ball when you shoot it will not get it in the hoop unless you continue the movement to the end of its arc.  Football, boxing, golf…whatever the sport, there is some element of follow through that must be carried out to be successful.

How is it that men excel in the art of follow through in sports but do a lousy job of it in the dating game?  How on God’s green earth are you going to “win” her over if you don’t? Have some women made it that easy for you to “score” that you’ve forgotten how to get in there and really play to win?  You can’t play sloppily and expect a good woman to settle for that.  We love winners, we love guys who know how to follow through with what they say they are going to do.  Would a coach settle for a player they know can win the game, but doesn’t follow through, thus making the game harder to win or even result in a loss?  Not likely, especially when there are other players who show up at game time and prove their skill set.  This is where I see many of my mate-seeking friends falling short.

Make it a priority to follow through.  In relationships, it shouldn’t be that hard.  Do what you say and say what you mean.  Unfortunately for men, these days many women don’t wait around anymore.  I saw something today online that sparked this entry.  It said, “By the time you wanna make me a priority, it will be too late for you. Sorry.”  Fellas don’t get upset when she wasn’t a priority and you didn’t follow through like you KNOW you should have if you really wanted her.  You can’t win the game if every time you take a shot or swing, you don’t give it your all.   Just as you wholly pursue that full swing in golf or kick that ball and follow through in football or soccer, you’d be wise to do the same in the game of love.  Pursue us with excellence, a great start would be by following through.  I promise, it will be worth it in the end ;-).


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