What Will I Learn This Year?

As my vacation is winding down, it’s the time of year where I evaluate what I have learned from my students in years past and what I might learn this school year.  It always amazes me that there are a couple of students each year that I have to admit have added value to my life.  Children, at their essence, are full of new life and see things with new eyes.  The curiosity in children is what I truly love about what I do.

In years past, I have learned that I have way more patience than I ever thought possible.  I’ve learned to pray that if I ever have children, that they will not be bratty or whiny.  I have learned that I have to be brave and calm when it comes to critters, if not, the class will freak out.  I have also learned that when unable to be brave and calm, a little boy comes to my rescue and minimizes the freak out.  I have learned that in some instances, children really do understand subtle messages from adults.  I have also learned that whatever happens in my students homes, somehow makes it into my classroom (parents beware! They tell ALL of your business).

This past school year I learned once again that children can be compassionate, loving, and kind.  With the passing of my mother in April, I was overwhelmed by their sincere sentiments.  Cards, letters, homemade pictures, etc. were given to me as  I returned to work.  I can’t tell you how that helped in my grieving process.  I learned that children have just as many questions about death as adults do.  I also learned that many of them have some sound advice on how to deal with the death of a mother.  Very interesting and heartwarming.

And since I am still going through the grieving process, I know that the 2012-13 school year will offer more interesting things, healing, and ultimately some hard decision-making.  I can’t wait to see those little toothless smiles for the first time, all excited for the new school year.  I can’t wait to see how the year unfolds.  But most of all I really can’t wait to see what I will learn from this class.


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