The Journey Continues…

As it has been a year since my last post, I’m taking some time to reflect on my last couple of posts and seeing how far I have come since then.  This journey chose me.  I’m glad it did because I’m not sure when I would have begun it if it hadn’t.  Have you ever asked yourself “is this all there is?” or “this can’t be life, can it???”  Well I found that I was asking myself these and other questions often over the past couple of years.  I was beginning to get very uncomfortable and didn’t really understand what was happening.  It was as if life was shifting right before my eyes and I had no say so in the results.  As I delved into my spiritual side, even that was shifting.  I decided that since it appeared that I was not in control of the outcomes, that I should just let things flow and pay attention to any patterns or paths that I was encountering.  I began meditating, reading, and appreciating nature more.  This is something that has helped in this process.  Over the past year, I have had to re-examine many truths and beliefs that I had. I have shifted my thinking and my actions, and I have much better results.  I have begun the journey into Self.  Recently I explored my ancestry and am shocked at what has been revealed so far.  This journey continues as I further explore where I come from and who I am.


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